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Transportation Advantages with MS Choctaw

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Railways. Interstates. Highways. Convenient connections to centers of commerce. Whatever it is that your business requires, we have a site that will suit your needs.

Interstates / Highways

Mississippi’s highway system ranks among the four best in the country and the best in the southern United States. Primary access to the region is provided by I-55, which extends south to New Orleans, LA, and north to Memphis, TN. Another primary access route is I-20, which extends west to Vicksburg before entering Louisiana and west to Meridian before entering Alabama. Choctaw, MS, is at the convergence of a number of U.S., state, and local roadways, including US-16, US-19, US-21, US-15, and just 35 miles to access I-20.


BNSF and KCSR (Kansas City Southern Railway Company) maintain a main line running north to Memphis, TN, via Tupelo, MS, and south to Meridian, MS. These lines also connect in Jackson, where it is located at the center of the Kansas City Southern Railway Company’s (KCSR) strategic Meridian Speedway line from Meridian, MS, to Shreveport, LA. The Meridian Speedway is one of the fastest growing rail corridors in the United States, and in recent years KCSR has invested more capital in its infrastructure in Mississippi than any other state in its system.

One of KCSR’s primary rail yards, High Oak Yard, is located in the Greater Jackson Area, as is an 85-acre intermodal ramp with capacity for 300 cars and a 55-acre TransLoad Center for handling bulk plastics, food products, clay, forest products, and steel.  

Distance from Choctaw, MS to Select Local and Regional Destinations

Destination City

Highway Miles

Driving Time

Jackson, MS

90 miles

1hrs, 15 mins

Meridian, MS

45 miles

45 mins

Hattiesburg, MS

130 miles

2 hrs

Birmingham, MS

170 miles

3 hrs

Memphis, TN

190 miles

3 hrs

Gulfport, MS

200 miles

3 hrs

New Orleans, LA

240 miles

3 hrs, 30 mins

Access to the region, access to the world. Contact us at 601-650-1605 or to get connected. 


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